Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Kongregate: Storm the House 3!

Gar, I have not posted on this blog in ages. I thought it died... checked my counter and WOAH! People! I owe you all a blog post, so here it is.

Kongregate is still my recent obsession, so I decided to play a game of Storm the House 3 (, a base defence game.

I've played Storm the House 1, which had about 8 guns, I think, but my memory fades... lessee...

nope, just 1. But I assure you, the minute you get the Missile Site, the game is over, because at that point you have the money to hire at least 5 silo workers... if you have 20, you can nuke the field about every 5 seconds, and game over... now lets see the interface of Storm the House 3...
Big difference. Before you could solely upgrade a single gun with damage and what not, and every upgrade put you one step ahead of the weakling enemy swarms.

In Storm the House 3, you actually need to aim for crap, but the ability to modify your guns remains, as well as the ability to drop down modifiable towers such as the Quake Tower, which makes it very hard for enemies to stay on their feet, believe me.

I believe that you can game good on Kongregate, and this game has proven exceptional quality and substantial improvement... I can only wait for Ivory's next installment, if s/he decides to make it.

Now I shall leave you with early-game CHAINSAW MEGADEATH!

And that is all. Game good together!

P.S. All spelling errors in this blog are intentional. I'm still a spelling nazi.
P.S.S. Sorry for the large amount of pictures, someone told me I should put more in... tell me if I went overboard.
P.S.S.S. If the pictures are small, blame the uploader. I'll get them larger next time if I have to.
P.S.S.S.S. I've been playing Storm the House 3 till late because I want the Hard badge, nerdy me, so here's a dilemma I have.

OH SHIT! MECHS! Chainsaws just won't cut it no more D:
NO WAIT! *generic dramatic music plays*


Ok, so sue me, I did this little add-on at 2 AM. Sleep deprivation may cause insanity.

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