Friday, August 15, 2008

Sheesh it's been a LONG time

But I'm a gamer. I've been on Kongregate ( a lot recently, a site which is a flash portal much like Newgrounds ( Kongregate's unique feature is that there are many games that offer Awards/Achievements, which increase your Gamer Score and give you levels. New awards are added every week.

Recently they've added an online collectible card game of their own called Kongai. The combat system is interesting, albeit weird. It reminds me of the Pokemon collectible card game, except less slow and monotonous.

You can find me often in the Achievement Addicts Anonymous room, playing recent and newer games. Since I consider gaming to be indiscrete, I often play games that offer no reward simply for the fun.

Hmm. I should make my next blog post a rant/self-discussion about how I critique games. Many games that others say 'suck' I say 'rock'... but to each gamer his/her own. Happy trails, and

Game Good together.

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