Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'ma watchin' the game Haze

Since I don't have a PS3 (and my friend does, who will remain unmentioned at this time), he downloaded a demo for this game, Haze. Haze, on first impressions, seems to be a shooter with a twist (although more like a handicap). You have this super suit (Halo, anyone?) which basically pumps a drug into your system that is a painkiller, as well as heightening your perception to inhuman levels (all enemies are highlighted in BRIGHTLY OBVIOUS colors).

I told my friend that this was cheesy. It was much too easy to win, and it seemed like just ANOTHER shooter. I have seen shooting games from Doom to Gears of War to Crysis, and it falls into the "generic shoot 'em up" category... on first impressions.

Then, proud nerd I am, I randomly found a full walkthrough for the game Haze on YouTube (, courtesy of Boner's Games). I started watching it, realizing that it had 15 CHAPTERS. Watching, I actually found that despite the game's linear storyline and (very) repetitive blabber from your allies, (Notably, the Americans are all cool Macho Men and the supposed Intifada (sp?) all have a quote set that could easily align them to being fervent terrorists) the game would be a fun rental in the least. They had that creative drug idea, but the idea of corruption in the military/government is so overused in TV (Law and Order, The West Wing) and gaming (Army of Two, Mercenaries) that it just seems plagiarized.

So, all in all, I'd say that you could game good with this game, give it a try.

Now I'm gonna go get off my butt and get a counter thrown up on the site. Oh, and if anyone's reading this, gimme an idea for what I should put up as a picture... that cat just isn't cutting it.

Angry cat is angry.

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